My Reviews & Comparisons of the Best Walking Shoes

My Reviews & Comparisons of the Best Walking Shoes

When it comes down to footwear, varying categories and types of footwear have multiplied through the years. There are no longer just shoes for exercise and shoes for relaxation. Exercise shoes are now divided based on activity. There are different shoes for running, walking, cross-training, hiking, etc. This division may seem overwhelming at first, but when you’re on the hunt for your next pair of sneakers, you really want to keep in mind the type of activity you will be partaking in while wearing them. This will help you decide what kind of support and flexibility you will need. Walking shoes, for example, ideally require a decent amount of support and comfort, more so than training shoes would. As such, the following are my reviews and comparisons of what I’ve found to be some of the best walking shoes currently on the market.

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  • Saucony Grid Omni Walker

Saucony Grid Omni Walker is one of the best walking shoes if you have arthritis or other foot problems. These shoes feature a removable sockliner, soft full-grain leather upper body, rubber outsole, midfoot support bridge, and weighs approximately 11 ounces (for a 7.5-sized shoe). What makes this shoe superb for walking is its incredible comfort level. The leather upper body allows for ideal flexibility while the rubber outsole helps you maintain stability while walking. With Saucony’s Grid Omni Walker, you can expect to be walking in comfort for hours.

  • Under Armor Micro G Speed Swift

Under Armor Micro G Speed Swift is another great option if you are looking for a comfortable, breathable pair for walking. They feature an upper mesh for ventilation, synthetic overlays on the upper body that provide a defined structure, traditional lace-up closure, a lightly padded tongue and collar, their patented Micro G foam, an antimicrobial in-shoe treatment, a sculpted foam midsole, and a rubber outsole. Additionally, a 7.5-sized shoe weighs approximately 9 ounces, making it lighter than Saucony’s. Ultimately, these shoes provide comfort and breathability while still maintaining its structure.

  • Skechers Go Walk 4 – Exceed

Skechers Go Walk 4 shoes will make you feel as if you are walking on a cloud. These shoes feature an athletic mesh material upper body, midsole cushioning, a quick-fit portal near the heel, foam insole, a multi-directional traction outsole, and synthetic overlay at laces and heels. Furthermore, this shoe is fairly lightweight, with a size 8 shoe weighing in at 7 ounces. All of these features combine to make an incredibly comfortable, lightweight, stable experience that give you the confidence to stand all day. This will be one of the best walking shoes you will find in its price range. For more information regarding best sneakers for standing all day go to

  • Asics Gel-Tech Walker 4

Asics Gel-Tech Walker 4

Asics Gel-Tech Walker 4 shoes are a great option if you’re looking for a roomy, comfortable option that can compensate or orthotics. These shoes feature a mesh upper body, synthetic overlays, fine mesh lining, removable sockliner, patented Biomorphic Fit that strategically places stretch material in order to avoid buckling and irritation,  lower-density top layer in the midsole, as well as many other patented features that are meant to increase support, stability, durability, and cushioning. With a size 9 weighing 10 ounces, you get a nice, lightweight walk. Overall, these shoes are excellent if you have problem areas and prefer to customize your insoles.

  • Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walkers are a great option if you’re someone with low arches or are constantly deals with issues of overpronation. This shoe features a full-grain leather upper body, cushioned tongue, textile lining, cushioned removable insole, patented HydroFlow technology that assists with midsole cushioning and shock absorption, patented Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that is meant to help with pronation control, and an engineered midsole and outsole configuration that helps with control and balance. A size 7 shoe weighs 14 ounces.

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Anyone who’s suffering from flat feet will find the best sneakers for flat feet to be truly comfortable. Suffering from high arched feet? Check out the best shoes for high arches.

Weight Loss Secrets of Thin People

Weight Loss Secrets of Thin People

We all know other people that seem to be able to stay thin and in shape with hardly any effort on their part. However, it may not be as easy as they make it seem and they probably but a lot of effort in every day that people just do not see. There are several things that skinny people all have in common.

They Place More Emphasis On Health Than Being Thin

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The main focus of people who are thin is usually leading a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well and taking plenty of exercise. These are habits that will help to keep them at a healthy weight. They put all of their focus into staying healthy and this leads to them keeping the figure that they want. When you take steps to improve your health you will find that you start to enjoy many more benefits than simply losing weight.

They Know It Is A Long Process

The most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to lose it at a rate of a pound or two per week. If you have a lot of weight to lose then it can seem as if you are never going to reach your goal but it is important to have patience. Even losing a few pounds can have a big impact on the way that you look and feel and this can make a real difference to your self confidence. If you lose weight quickly through a fad diet, then you will probably find that all of this weight goes back on as you start eating normally again.

They Start The Day With Tea


Tea is a great drink to have in the morning especially if you choose green tea, because it contains antioxidants.  It can be enjoyed as part of a healthy breakfast that also includes juice and some protein such as eggs. There are many different flavors of green tea and so you are sure to find one that you enjoy.

They Use Heavy Cream In Their Coffee

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Heavy cream can be enjoyed in a cup of coffee but you need to be careful because of the amount of calories and fat that is contained within it. Heavy cream is a healthy fat and so it is fine to drink daily in small quantities. There are a number of health benefits that are associated with heavy cream such as ensuring that your blood sugar levels stay stable. This can mean that you are less likely to want to snack between meals. If you have cream in your morning coffee you may find that you have more concentration and are not hungry until lunchtime.

They Know The Importance Of The Color Of Food

Different colored foods have different health benefits and people that are thin tend to have a good knowledge of what these different benefits are. This allows them to make informed choices about the food that they are eating. Having a meal or snack that is colorful makes it more interesting to eat and so it is a good idea to include as many colors as you can whenever you are eating.

Foods that are blue and purple in color tend to improve memory and reduce the risk of many types of cancer. Greens are useful for protecting bones and improving eyesight. Red food can improve blood flow to the heart and are also useful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing heart disease then white foods are a good choice. Finally, for a boost to the immune system and to improve eyesight you should eat orange and yellow foods.